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The members of Aureole are Laura Gilbert, flute, Mary Hammann, viola, and Stacey Shames, harp.Their concerts and recordings also include a wide variety of popular and folk music from the Celtic, Latin, Indian, Baroque and Classical traditions. Inspired by the combination, some of the most imaginative and creative musicians and composers of our time -- Ravi Shankar, George Tsontakis, Jacob Druckman and Roberto Sierra-- have masterfully composed and arranged for Aureole. The repertoire also includes many significant and powerful works by Twentieth Century composers, including Claude Debussy, Sofia Gubaidulina, Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, Sir John Tavener, Toru Takemitsu, Harrison Birtwistle and Kaiji Saariaho.

The Aureole Trio

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by Jason Victor Serinus |

Performance: 4 1/2 Sound: 4

Just back from Cuba, where I participated in the 40th Anniversary Venceremos Brigade, I can’t get the Beatles out of my mind. There’s no easy way to explain Cuba’s fascination with the Fabulous Four, but 40 years after Spanish renditions of Beatles songs were blasted between sugarcane cutting excursions on the first Venceremos Brigade, the country remains under the Beatles’ spell. You may fall under it (again) as well, when you hear these lovely, arrangements of Beatles tunes for the flute, viola, and harp of the Aureole Trio. The intros to the 15 songs are quite inventive, the music approached with uncommon gentleness.

No, you won’t hear the Beatles’ most rocking tunes. But in these women’s hands and hearts, “Here Comes the Sun,” “Norwegian Wood,” “A Day in the Life” (with Gil Goldstein on accordion), “Let It Be” (with its intro from Pachelbel’s Canon), “Yesterday,” and ten other melodies captivate anew. Categories of old/new, classical/pop, and all the rest fall away, as the trio named for “a halo; a light or luminous area surrounding a celestial body” takes you on a voyage of airy enchantment. Beatles lovers who think rearrangements of Beatles tunes for a classical trio of this nature could not possibly succeed will be pleasantly surprised.


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